Is Keeping Up With Social Media For Your Business A Real Challenge?

It doesn't have to be.  You can get the skills you need to manage social media so IT doesn't manage you. And then you can get back to the rest of your business. 

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Our Course Can Save You Time

In this online course you will learn: 

How to identify your audience on each social media channel; their wants and needs; and why that's important to your future success.

How to get better performance out of your social media channels using organizational hacks and tools.

How to track and report your social media success so you know what's working and how you can repeat that success.   

How to manage happy customers and angry customers and how to navigate routine customer service AND a hostile page takeover.  

It's Like a Magic Wand

Instead of wishing and hoping, we  help you plan and deliver social media results for your business! 

It's Your Best Idea Ever

There's nothing more powerful than learning a new skill and this course will help you get there. 

It's a Huge Time Saver

Imagine if you could tame the social media beast and get back to the rest of your business! 

Master Social Media for YOUR Brand Today 

This course will take you to the next level and help you put social media to work for YOUR business. Stop guessing about what's working. Stop doubting about your social footprint. Build your confidence to social media "expert" level. 

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Key benefits from Mastering Your Brand on Social Media

You can finally answer the questions about who your audience is on social media AND give them the right content, channel by channel.  

Avoid the last minute content crush with planning and organizing tools that will make your job so much easier. 

When you need to prove to yourself that social investment is working for your business, you'll be able to put your new skills with tracking and reporting to use.

When there's a rush of love or a bunch of haters on your channels, you'll know exactly what to do to manage that with ease. 


Your Social Media Management Experts 

Your instructors are Fran Stephenson and Jennifer Hatton. They’ve been helping brands develop and manage their social media presence for more than a decade.  They have managed entire social ecosystems for large tourism destinations and multi-city hospital systems and health clinics.  But they've also brought social media channels to life for numerous small businesses and nonprofits. We know that small businesses need different things and we know that off-the-shelf advice is not enough. WE've fixed broken channels, we've reclaimed stolen channels and we've counseled clients during page takeovers too. Check out a partial list of previous clients on the Step In Communication website.


Put Your Skills to Work Today

It's time to take your business' social media to the next level. Don't waste any more time guessing what works and what doesn't. We'll show you the way. 

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