4 Steps To Successful Influencer Campaigns For Small Businesses

Hey! Fran and Jennifer here, and in this free training we’re pulling back the curtain on the simple process we’ve used with our private clients to skyrocket their ROI with influencer marketing.


In This Masterclass, you’ll learn:


4 Questions To Avoid An Influencer Campaign Fiasco

And how to make sure this never happens to you (again?)


Influencers Marketing On A Budget: Your first $1,000 or less campaign

This isn’t reserved for big businesses with lots of cash and big teams


The Real ROI of Influencers Marketing Campaigns And How To Boost It

Influencer campaigns earn on average $6.50 for each dollar spent


The Blueprint to A Successful Campaign you can implement today

These are the 4 steps to almost guarantee this will actually work and you have a solid plan



The Influencer Industry Has Changed In A BIG Way…

Whether you’re a small business or not, this is an area of marketing you just can’t ignore anymore! Even if you have tried to and resisted it… 

You see it everywhere and it’s become one of the biggest opportunities to get some visibility and sales for almost any business.

The good news is that influencers need you even more! And you can now have the upper hand…

Join us to learn about the edge you can get and easily create a successful influencer marketing and generate sales even with a small budget!

Who Should Attend


A small to medium-sized business owners who wants to reach more people and not get burned on a bad deal


A marketing or PR executive wanting to give this a shot but also show a positive ROI and results for the company


Have had a (or a few) bad experiences with influencers campaigns and want to avoid making the same mistakes and ACTUALLY make it work this time

A Note From Fran & Jennifer

We've been managing influencer campaigns for brands in travel, consumer products, health care, retail, small business and lifestyle.  We've worked with clients who had tiny budgets and some with bigger budgets.  

We know what everyone needs to call it a success.  Our campaigns have won communications awards which is awesome...but more importantly, made our clients very, very happy. 

This brand new Live Masterclass is the condensed version of years of trials and tribulations to what ACTUALLY makes these campaigns successful.

If you’re wanting to get in on one of the biggest marketing opportunities for your business, watch the training and let us know what you think!